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bedroom with two large beds

The bedroom and the private linving-room

In a particular home with caracter, we are pleased to propose to our guest a spacious bedroom on the second floor you can get there by an independant door.

The bedroom is entire equiped with all facilities you need: sofa, Wi-Fi access and bathroom with toilets..

The room is a standard room with a double occupancy bed with can be split in two sigle bed. An extra bed for children is also available. Wether from the bedroom or wether from the the living room, you can observe the sea and its movements.

private living-room

Services and Facilities

Learn more about Penmarc'h and discover its history and legends though documentation and books available in the library. Books and games for children are also available.


You can enjoy your breakfast in the retired living-room at the second floor or in the dinning room downstairs. You can appreciate special meals: pancakes and "kouings"(traditionnal biscuit), shortbread pancakes, self-made yogourts and patisseries. As your prefer: tea, coffe, expresso, milk, corn flakes and cereals, marmelade...

Please, notice that you can make your own tea or coffee at any time thanks to coffee pot and kettle available in the linving-room.

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